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Mr. Al Gomez who is an seo expert and the founder of Dlinkers SEO Services, one of the companies that belongs to the list of best seo agencies always makes sure that he performs a satisfying task. For four years of handling websites of different fields, he has able to meet various challenges brought about by the innovative world of search engine optimization. Whatever he learned in his way towards success serves as his motivation to strive more to be part and to adapt the changes in the industry. What he had done are undeniably commendable including reviving a website from Google penalty which he personally experienced after his own website fell down on its ranking. Aside from delivering results to his clients,. he also writes a blog where he discussed seo and the latest search trends. In fact, he recently posted about think with Google which will definitely help the online research easier. As technology evolves and the demand of online users continues to changes, Google comes up with a tool "Think with Google" which features an online dictionary or library that allows users to have or acquire accurate facts and statistics in meeting their business goals and case studies. And this is how Al works, he does not only focus to his clients but he also shares valuable informations to the online community.

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