Limited regional integration has been a constraint on Africa’s ability to accelerate equitable growth. Closer regional integration would help tackle the region’s most pressing supply-side constraints by enlarging markets, generating economies of scale in provision of public goods and services while facilitating greater global trade alliance. 


ASEN marketplace encapsulate innovative and effective ways for businesses to market themselves and their products. A key emphasis would be placed on maximizing businesses openness to trade, access to financial services, networking, global markets and value chains. 


Trade, commerce, globalization and an open rule-based market are the most effective tools for helping people raise themselves out of poverty and create sustainable livelihoods. To do this, ASEN would use the power of the marketplace to facilitate one-to-one connections including tailoring products to specific needs, increased sourcing from local suppliers, and involving low-income communities in the delivery of new products and services. 

Private sector
Public sector
Scientific research