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B20 Business Community Supports G20 Africa Partnership

  • Business 20 (B20) welcomes the G20 Compact with Africa Initiative to boost investment in Africa.

  • Investments need stable and secure framework conditions: B20 calls for greater legal and political certainty as well as joint efforts against corruption in Africa.

  • B20 members stand ready to support the African Compact countries, the G20, and development banks in the implementation of the individual Compacts.

The Business 20, the official business dialogue of the G20, strongly welcomes the G20 Compact with Africa Initiative, which will be launched at the G20 Africa Conference, G20 Africa Partnership – Investing in a Common Future, in Berlin on June 12-13. More than 40 corporate leaders and presidents of business associations – chairs and co-chairs of the B20 working groups as well as the presidents of BDI, DIHK, and BDA – have voiced their support for the initiative and presented 10 High Level Recommendations to the G20.

The partnerships between the G20, interested African countries, and multilateral development banks are designed to promote investment in Africa by improving the macroeconomic, financial, and political environment. A survey among B20 members has shown that the main obstacles to investment are corruption, regulatory and political barriers, lack of infrastructure, legal uncertainty, and an inadequately trained workforce. The B20 calls on the G20 to tackle these barriers.

Africa is a continent of vast opportunities but also many challenges. The Compact with Africa Initiative will upgrade the partnership between the G20 and individual African countries to a partnership of equals. The Compacts, if implemented wisely, can become a cornerstone in boosting economic growth and sustainable development in Africa,” Juergen Heraeus, Chair of B20 Germany, underlines.

Africa is increasingly being recognized globally for her potential in developing robust economies. The G20 Compact with Africa Initiative will address the core structural barriers faced by Africa which serve both development and long-term business interests in order to underwrite sustainable and equitable growth”. Isaac Aggrey, B20 Taskforce member, emphasized.

The B20 recommendations focus, among others, on the investment environment, infrastructure, trade, employment and education, health, as well as good governance and anticorruption. For example, B20 recommends the preparation of country-specific investment facilitation plans, the creation of one-stop shops for investors, the strengthening of investment platforms that provide more information on infrastructure projects, and an extension of policy instruments to mitigate political risks through the multilateral development banks and the G20 countries.

The B20 stands ready to assist the G20 and Compact countries in order to ensure a successful implementation of investment partnerships” said B20 Chair Jürgen Heraeus.

You can find the B20 Recommendations here:

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