The Global Goals


As consciousness evolves, enterprises that exist to optimize both social good and profit are replacing organizations that exist solely to maximize profits for shareholders.

These innovative business models focuses on fostering economic development and helping low-income families build more secure livelihoods, while creating new markets for social enterprises. It is about doing well by doing good.

They are the biggest contributors to employment and are critical for job creation in developing countries; yet, few of them in low-income countries have access to formal financial services such as credit lines, and long-term capital loans. Access to finance across the entire value chain is essential for them to thrive, expand, and deepen outreach.

Women entrepreneurs require better access to finance, digital services, improved management skills, training, and awareness of technical requirements. They also need access to financing solutions to deliver their products and services both in a timely manner and to appropriate global standards: opportunities for access to safe water, food, housing, education, medicines, transport and energy; opportunities to earn a living, to accrue income and to invest in their family’s future.

Social impact investors are providing new kinds and longer-term finance, integrity and stability through global standard setters and complementing capital with essential support critical for vibrant enterprises and economies.

They have developed inclusive financial services for a broad range of poor and low-income communities in the continent, particularly women entrepreneurs – a vital step in reducing dependency on aid and ensuring an exit from the need for aid over time.

The vehicles for this new paradigm of financing are designed for entrepreneurs seeking to create impact as well as make a profit. The establishment of measuring, reporting, and expanding this impact could transform lives and collectively change the world.