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Are you:

  • Company looking for research and development institutions to develop new products and services,
  • Research and development institution that would like to cooperate with companies form blue economy,
  • Local and regional government looking for solutions in blue technologies or better governence in blue economy,
  • Research institution, company or other organization looking for partners in projects or developing new projects for new innovative solutions in blue technologies,
  • Research institution, company or other organization interested in cooperation in the innovation ecosystem,
  • External stakeholder, such as financing institution, private equity fund, venture capital fund, decision maker and other interested stakeholder

What’s in it for you?

  • empowering your knowledge with smart and innovative services
  • challenge – we find the right challenge for you to solve by understanding your skills and expertise
  • new markets – bringing you a market for your solutions
  • funding opportunities for your ideas
  • by becoming a member you will be assigned to one of our technology brokerage agents as your direct link to ASEN ecosystem