Business 20 BLOG

We are incredibly honoured to announce that Mr. Isaac Aggrey, CEO of African Social Entrepreneurs Network (ASEN), founder and executive director of West Africa Social Entrepreneurs Network (WASEN Ghana), Women Business Center (South Africa) has been selected as a member of Sustainable Food Systems and Agriculture Task Force and Women, Diversity, and Inclusion in Business Action Council respectively. Mr. Aggrey has been an active participant in B20 since its establishment in 2010.

What is the Business 20 (B20)?

The Business 20 (B20) is an engagement group that serves as a bridge between the business community and the G20. It aims to develop policy recommendations to the G20, which are made throughout the presidential year, virtually, by various task forces comprising business leaders from all G20 countries.

The B20 Brasil is organized by the country’s National Confederation of Industry and has established seven Task Forces and an Action Council – all of them focused on specific areas that reiterate the “Inclusive Growth for a Sustainable Future” motto.

What are the objectives of the B20?
Represent the interests of the business community to the G20
Support the G20 with relevant policy recommendations
Foster dialogue between the public and private sectors within the G20 framework, as well as with international institutions

What is the theme of the B20 Brasil?

B20 Brasil’s theme is aligned with the theme and priorities of the G20
Building a fair world and a G20 sustainable planet
• Social inclusion and the fight against hunger
• Energy transition and sustainable development
• Reform of global governance institutions

How is the theme of B20 Brazil implemented?

Through 7 Task Forces and 1 Action Council that formulate policy recommendations. The results of B20 will be advocated before the Brazilian government and the G20 governments, leveraging the extensive B20 network (e.g., global business community, and international organizations).

Participates in the task force discussions and contributes to the drafting of the Policy Paper. For more on B20,

What are Sustainable Food Systems and Agriculture Task Force?

The Sustainable Food Systems and Agriculture Task Force priorities food security and sustainability in agriculture as central to its mission. Its discussions and policy recommendations will look to ensure sustainable agriculture practices and value chains, resilient food systems, biodiversity conservation, and equitable access to nutritious food. By addressing these critical issues, this task force aims to contribute to global food security and environmental responsible agricultural practices, while empowering all agents throughout the agriculture supply chain.

What are Women, Diversity, and Inclusion in Business Action Council?

The Women, Diversity, and Inclusion in Business Action Council is dedicated to fostering greater gender and diversity representation in the corporate world, with a special focus on women. A conscious effort is made to address disparities within underserved groups of women, with an unwavering commitment to leaving no one behind. Its primary goals include proposing policies that create inclusive workplaces where all individuals can thrive, promote equity and diversity in leadership positions, and ensure that businesses actively advance diversity and inclusion initiatives. Through these efforts, this action council aims to reshape corporate landscapes and drive positive societal change.